The TSA and My Mother

Edited 3/29/09: Why are you people Googling here THREE YEARS LATER? Seriously, check with the TSA for current regulations, I’m not flying anywhere with cookies (ninja throwing or otherwise) so I don’t give a damn. Their webpage is, I’m not linking it because it would be easier for you to type it into the goddamn bar than it would be for me to make the goddamn link. If you can’t figure that out, you probably shouldn’t be operating something as complex as a stove. Or a zipper.

My parents are flying to Florida tomorrow to visit my sister for nine days. As Sister works for Disney, and Ma is a huuuge Disney nerd, I expect to receive many, many phonecam pictures over the next week and a half.

I’m quite excited about it. Woo.

Anyway, Sister will not be making it to the Family Homestead for Christmas, so she requested my mother bring Christmas to her. In the form of Christmas cookies.

Ma, of course, acquiesed. But then she got to thinking, and then she got to wondering, and her Google-fu failed her, so she just called the Transportation Security Administration and said, “I feel real silly for asking this, but are cookies allowed on airplanes?”

“What kind of cookies?” the representative shot back.

That left my mother at something of a loss “Um, cookies… Christmas cookies?”

“Do they have frosting?” the TSA person asked.

“No, just sprinkles,” Ma replied.

“Oh, that’s fine then,” the TSA person replied. “But if they had frosting or jam, we would have a problem.”

Ma thanked the nice rep and hung up, and then realised she’d forgotten to ask about the bourbon balls.  

And now, I’m trying to figure out how to make a Ninja Throwing Cookie. Woah-pah!

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