Movie Review: In Good Company

Due to an incident monday (involving a vacuum, a random scrap of paper, and my shoulders deciding to land on the floor at a 180 degrees difference from my hips), I spent most of yesterday flat on my back contemplating the wonder of painkillers.

But when the ceiling of my bedroom got boring, I moved to the couch in the living room (where the random scrap of paper is STILL on the floor). Housemate Upstairs1 had just put in a romantic comedy, and I settled in with my laptop, thinking to tune the film out.

Except the first time I glanced at the television screen, I said, “Hey! That’s Marg Hergebergenenrgener from CSI! And she’s in bed with DENNIS QUAID!”

(My laptop is named Morty Jr., as Morty Sr. was stolen from my house in January. It’s named Morty Jr. because I’ve watched Undercover Blues waaay too many times. Because Dennis Quaid is PRETTY!)

 Premise: Mid-level executive (Quaid) discovers his new boss (Topher Grace) is about the same age as his eldest daughter (Scarlett Johansen). Wackiness ensues.

There’s a scene where the New!Boss invites himself over for dinner, and Marg (exhibiting the super-hotness that we all know and love) is yelling at Dennis (who isn’t smiling, smile for Mama, baby!) and taking baked ziti out of the oven. Dennis tries to help, i.e. grabs the casserole dish with his bare hands. I yelp in sympathetic pain, then scream in horror as the casserole dish shatters on the floor. Why? I’m pretty sure it was Le Creuset!

It’s a sweet little movie about goals, ambition, family, pizza, dorm rooms, and, um… puppies or something. Sorry, I was on painkillers. But it was a good movie. You should go watch it.

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