World AIDS Day / What I ate for lunch this week

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Yes, I know, food blog, bla bla bla– I don’t care. Today is World AIDS Day and you WILL click the picture of the red ribbon because in the US alone, 1 million people have HIV and 225,000 are not aware of their status and therefore are not receiving the health care they need, and are at a greater risk for passing the disease to others.

Inform yourself. Inform others.

Lunch is pretty much my big meal. I get most of my calories from it, and then go home and eat just a little food– while making lunch for the next day. Anyway, here’s what I had this week, see if you can spot the difference!Monday: Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing.Tuesday: Turkey curry over brown rice.

Wednesday: Shredded turkey and green peas over brown rice.

Thursday: Shredded turkey, green peas, and Jack cheese over brown rice.

Friday: An apple and some hummus with brown rice crackers.

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