Thanksgiving Photos

The menu

Once again securing my title as the Worst Food Blogger Ever, I realised that I only started taking photos once I’d started in on the wine, so most of the pics are of things like my housemate’s butts.

Kitchen eventually

If you click the next picture (which is of Hortence the Turkey), you will notice that she is upside down. I did cook Juanita upside-right. For both my girls, I used a combination of Alton Brown’s roasting tips, except I didn’t have a container big enough to brine a 17 lb turkey, so I used the dry rub method from Jim Dixon’s Real Good Food, and also stole Jim’s beer and butter in the pan thing. I got raves on both turkeys, because beer makes food happy!

Hortence the turkey

In real life, I’m not this pink.

Me, dismembering Juanita

So, what have I learned? Baked Tofu goes over REAL well, I need to beat up my housemate and get her sweet potato recipe, and never, no never, no never ever never again cook two turkeys in three days. Dear GOD! I’m not cooking again until 2008.

And I have turkey curry for lunch. Yum!

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Mary Sue – I don’t have anything big enough to brine a turkey in, except my old cooler, which was gross. I used DOUBLE reynolds turkey cooking bags. Food safe and da bird sat in the cleared out fridge. check my t-day posts from two years ago (nov 2004).

    you did real good chica!! charlotte aka berkeleyfarm

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