YEEE HAW! Or, Tortillas.

A Conversation

Basement1: Did you just put beer in that chili?

Moi: Yes.

Basement1: You put beer in everything you cook, don’t you?

Moi: It makes food happy!

 In my defense, this weekend I only put beer in three things: the pancakes I cooked on Friday, the white chili I cooked on Saturday, and myself.

Anyway, back to the thread title. I decided to try and make chapatis this weekend. Because I am nuts. And I also tried to do it from memory. Which led to me staring at a bowl full of flour, as if it would tell me exactly what would go into it.

Finally, I decided to just wing it and go with my grandmother’s tortilla recipe. Because, hey, that’s like chapatis, right?

The problem with my grandmother’s tortilla recipe is that, even though I’ve had her write down her best guesses for me over the years, and I’ve sat next to her and made them with her directing me, mine never ever turned out like hers.

Until Friday.

I have mastered the tortilla recipe! YEEE HAW!

(And yes, I did take pictures, but due to the leak in the roof, I had to move a lot of things in my room quickly and I can’t find the jump cable for my camera. ‘Tis sad.)

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