30 Minute ADD (Thanksgiving) Dinner

I have ADD. It’s a thing.

One of the biggest problems for people with ADD is time management. And I’m on several mailing lists that offer suggestions for time management. Often, people ask for help in planning meals/cooking when you forget to plan meals. Which are my favorite posts to reply to. Hee.

Anyway, this came across one of the lists today: Thirty Minute Thanksgiving. The great thing about it, in my opinion, is that the recipe can be adapted for a small group (say, one person whose housemates have totally bailed on her for Thanksgiving). Nothing terribly exciting after the jump but some excerpts from the article


“When’s dinner? What are we having?” one of my kids will ask as I get home from work.About once a month, the answer is, “Thanksgiving. It’ll be ready in a half-hour.” In our house, Thanksgiving is not a once-a-year event that requires eight hours of cooking. It’s a simple meal that I can have on the table in 30 minutes. It includes all the main components of a traditional Thanksgiving, without all the fuss. I use turkey breast cutlets instead of a whole bird, canned cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy from mixes, and microwaved potatoes. Enough food for four people costs less than $20.

Shopping list!

4 medium white potatoes

4 turkey breast cutlets

1 stick butter

Box of prepared heat-and-eat stuffing

Packet of just-add-water gravy mix

14-ounce can cranberry sauce

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