::insert Gordon-Ramsey-esque cussing here::

So, I’m thinking of throwing a Thanksgiving Throwdown for my Housemates (and anyone else who wanders by that day). I’m going to try and cook my very first turkey all by myself. Yay me!

 However, like all houses in Portland, I’ve got a couple of vegetarians. Which, you know, all is well, I can cook for them, too, no worries, no tofurkies.

One of my vegetarians can’t eat dairy, wheat, ground nuts, or belladonna vegetables.

I’m part Italian. All of my recipes call for a can of tomato-something. I am at a total loss.


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2 Responses to ::insert Gordon-Ramsey-esque cussing here::

  1. Liza says:

    No potatoes or tomatoes or eggplant? Or wheat or dairy or meat? Okay, so they just starve to death then? Beans… and rice… and spinach? Mushrooms?

  2. Mary (Sue) says:

    Yeah. I think she might have a soy allergy too, so tofu is right out.

    I think the other vegos are getting Quorn cutlets (I love Quorn, myself), for her— I have no frelling idea. Maybe a white cassoulet/chili with squash?

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