Feed my craving!

I asked the Damn Portlanders, but just in case someone here knows– where can I get Japanese-style brown curry in this town?!

Anyway, some quick food stuff, because I am lazy.

  • Shanghai Noble House, John’s Landing (dinner) – Huge portions for medium price, charge you 50 cents for rice, but well worth it.
  • Tabor Hill Cafe, Hawthorne and 38th – Winco food for McDonald’s prices.
  • Red Hawaiian sea salt goes well on baked potatoes and chicken and caesar salad, but not corn.
  • The Gold Door – Don’t sell food, but the nice guy at the front desk not only dug out a huuuge bag of milagros for me to dig through (I’m going on pilgrimmage soon and was despairing being able to find any), but also gave me some recs for ‘real’ Mexican and Cuban restaurants. So, go see them and buy things. Because they ROCK. Although stay away from the Ethiopian hand and processional crosses, I’m totally going to save my pennies and buy ALL of them.
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