Cool Skill #26 – Flippin’ Pancakes

Decided I wanted pancakes.

Decided I have a digital camera and some time to kill.

Decided to share my super-cool pancake flipping technique with you.

Update 9-12: Bloody hell, just go to the stupid webpage.

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2 Responses to Cool Skill #26 – Flippin’ Pancakes

  1. Jay says:

    I suppose the only question left to ask is – can you do that without spilling the beer in your other hand?

  2. Mary (Sue) says:

    With that little 20cm frypan? Only if it was mostly drank already and also in a bottle. With my big 70cm frypan, I bet I could flip with a full pint glass in my hand. Although, I wouldn’t fill it up with anything too good…

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